Eponymous uses his words

Eponymous to become a pro poker player?

Posted 2011.11.12
Wow, what a decsion to make! I currently have a very comfortable corporate job in the defense industry. Comfortable pay-wise, that is. Stress-wise, it is much less than comfortable. Like a lot of companies now, our workload has been shrinking hand-in-hand with the defense budgets. Our company just announced a significant layoff, and while I'm quite sure my job is safe, they are offering substantial separation packages for people who volunteer to leave. Usually the only people that take these packages are those that are near retirement or have another job lined up. In my case, I'm thinking this is the kick in the butt I need to go live in my condo in Atlantic City and play for a living.

I'm the first one to try to talk sense into the kids who start forum threads asking if they should go pro instead of going to college because they've had a winning month in their local 1/2 game, but I'm in a very different situation. Without going into all the particulars, if I was going to make a transition like this, there may not be another chance for it to be financially feasible for years. Do I let this window of opportunity close on me? If I loved my job, that would be one thing, but I've been thinking I would do this at some point anyway. Now they're actually going to give me a bunch of money if I do it now. That money would allow me to pay off some things and make it possible to live off of my poker winnings.

So what does this mean for movie parodies and comics? If I do this, at least in the short term, I'll be too busy getting my house in Baltimore ready for sale and making the transition to playing full time. I'll have to see what happens as I play for a few weeks or months and see how much free time I have outside of playing and working on my game. It will be an adventure, and I will need to throw everything I have at it for a while. If I could make money while creating new comics, that would make it a no-brainer. But so far, I haven't been able to monetize it to make as much money at it as I would playing poker. (Actually, I haven't been able to make even minimum wage doing this stuff. Any potential sponsors reading this? I did almost have a deal with a big sponsor once, but it's just as well that talks fell apart -- I might have just put the money on their site and never be able to get it off -- a story for another day.)

I just have to decide. Hmmm...continue managing engineers and projects from 8 to 6 every day for decades to come, or live at the beach a few feet from the new Revel casino, which is promising to be the best property on the east coast, playing a game I love everyday? I know which way I'm leaning...

Website Refresh, a.k.a. A Farewell to Kings

Posted 2011.11.11
As I described in my first blog entry a few months ago, I had created this website on my own, giving it what I thought was a home-made feel. However, several people on the 2+2 forums said that the website really looked old -- like from the 1990s or something. In computer years, that is downright ancient. I wanted to acknowledge this feedback and modernize the look and feel of the site (even though I liked the animated logo of a king getting bonked on the head), but I still didn't want to use some pre-made template. I thought it was important to have a site that would propoerly showcase the material I worked so hard on. (Beavis voice: Heh heh heh...he said "hard on.") That really left me with no other choice than to brush up on the latest website design techniques. So off I went googling tutorials on how to properly use CSS, incorporate javascript routines, and the like. I think the results are worth the effort, and I learned some new skills, which never hurts.

Unfortunately, brushing up on my website creation skills and changing the old site over to the new format left me little time for working on Mucking Aces or The Godfather of Online Poker Part II (TGOOP2). Although I was enjoying exploring where I might take the new comic strip, I've been saying that TGOOP2 would drop this fall (that sounds as douchey as I thought it would), and we're running out of fall. More importantly, the online poker landscape is ripe for skewering at this time, and recent developments make for pretty good satire. Okay, that decision is made. TGOOP2 it is, as long as there are no significant life events about to hit...

A Trek to the Home of Club

Posted 2011.9.3
Time for another
to Atlantic City. I jump into the car for the the two-and-a-half hour drive. It's a trip that would be unbearable without listening to Howard Stern on satellite since there are long stretches of Maryland and Delaware where you'd be glad if you could tune in
Radio Free Europe
. It's funny how I can play poker
sitting still
for ten hours straight no problem, but two hours into the drive I am literally
shaking through
the restlessness. Finally, I arrive at the destination, parking at the Borgata's surface lot
west of the fields
that separate the Poker Mecca of the East Coast from the inlet to the Atlantic Ocean. I run into another regular from the 2-5 game in the parking lot, and
we walk
to the poker room.

This is a good session, seated with some good players who like to
talk about the passion
for our favorite game while
about the donk play at the other end of the table. It does put you in that strange
moral kiosk
only found in poker where you've made friends with people from whom you will be trying to take a pile of chips. But that's the beauty of poker. As you try to take money from people you like and
to a big stack while they try to do the same, you can appreciate and discuss each other's play. Friendly rivalries develop between players at our end of the table and the big mouth at the other end, and the poker table becomes a
perfect circle
of friends for the night. Where else does that happen?

Creating a Website

Posted 2011.8.13
I haven't been as active on the forums lately -- partly because of my participation on "The Micros" team and partly because I was creating this website and writing new content. It takes a good amount of effort to put together a website from scratch, especially when, as with everything posted on the site, it is a one-man operation. I guess I could shorten the process and use some canned website template, but that wouldn't be my style. I find the creation of pages from raw html code much more rewarding than using an antiseptic, pre-coded site into which I drop my content. But why even bother creating a site? I think it will be a better medium for delivering and storing new movie parodies and comic strips. On a forum site, unless there are continuous posts to bump the thread to the front page, it's easy for people to miss something if they've been away from the site for a few days. And even if you've seen it, it's hard to find again when you want to re-visit something or point someone else to it.

So I hope people find this a useful and fun place to check in once in a while. I plan on posting something new every week or so, whether it's a new episode of "The Godfather of Online Poker Part II" or a new "Mucking Aces" comic strip. And I hope there will still be good discussion on 2+2 and other sites of my latest postings. That's how I know if people want to see "MOAR!" and what they liked best. I've done my job if visitors to the site have as much fun viewing it as I've had putting it together.